During his frequent trips to the Tatra mountains, Karłowicz made a lot of photographs. This fondness of photography later changed into a true passion, and the amateurish photographs were replaced by professional works, often being a very valuable testimony to the trailblazing travels of their author and his friends.

The photographs by Karłowicz were published, among others, in “Pamiętniki Towarzystwa Tatrzańskiego” (“Memoirs of the Tatra Society”) (years 1907-1914), as well as in “Taternik” and collections of Karłowicz’s writings issued after his death (first issue in year 1910).

Karłowicz left two cameras. Both went to Tytus Chołubiński Tatra Museum in Zakopane. One of this cameras has a very special history – it was that one that Karłowicz took with him for his last, as it turned out, trip to the Tatra mountains. The last photograph made by Karłowicz by means of this camera is a view from the slopes of Skupniowy Upłaz.

Several dozen hours later the rescuers, who followed Karłowicz’s tracks, reached the base of Mały Kościelec. After many hours of searching they found the composer’s body. They perpetuated on a photograph the body of Karłowicz lying on a snow-covered slope…