I. The competition is open to conductors of all nationalities up to 35 years of age by December 31th 2016.

II. Deadline for applications is September 15th 2016.

III. Preferably, applications shall be submitted on-line on website. An alternative application can also be delivered at A.A.Kameny, by mail and, in this case, the date on the post-office stamp shall be considered for deadline purposes.

IV. The registration fee in the amount of €150 (one hundred fifty euros) shall be transferred by the candidates into Agencja Arystyczna Kameny’s bank account – account details are given hereunder. Participants who decide to withdraw from the competition after having received the confirmation of acceptance are not entitled to any reimbursement.

Account in the name of:
Agencja Artystyczna Kameny
Kontakt Manager Agnieszka Skotniczna
WBK : 28 1090 1665 0000 0001 1541 9719
IBAN: PL28 1090 1665 0000 0001 1541 9719

V. Registration can be considered valid after written notice sent to the candidate. In case any irregularity occurs, the candidate is invited to make the necessary corrections to his application and send it up to three working days after the deadline specified in point II. Application shall not be accepted in case the candidate fails to meet with the request for corrections or the new deadline.

VI. The application shall include:

- Candidate’s identification: complete name, artistic name, date of birth, address, identity card number or passport, telephone number and e-mail address

- Copy of the identification document

- Biography (2000 characters maximum) in English or Polish language

- Copy of the document from the bank confirming the payment of the registration fee.

- A video recording of the candidate conducting an ensemble. This recording must be clearly identified with the title of the piece, name of the composer, name of the ensemble, date, place and context of the recording. The duration shall not exceed fifteen minutes. Recording shall be delivered in digital form (DVD, CD or USB Pen Drive) at Agencja Artystyczna Kameny headquarters or via the Internet by means of an upload link (ex.:google disc,; only in these formats: AVI, MP4 or MOV.

Competition running order
I. The organization shall invite three conductors as members of the jury; one of them shall be appointed as the president of the jury.

II. The evaluation by the jury shall be made throughout three rounds, as follows:

1st ROUND (Preselection of the applications)
- Selection of maximum ten candidates that shall perform in the second round, based on the submitted applications. The results shall be announced on the website on the 15th October 2016.

Notification of additional auditions:
The candidates who have not been selected directly may opt for a special additional audition, which if passed by them, allows them to participate in the competition. A maximum of five candidates may be selected through additional auditions.

Together with the ten participants selected directly, a total number of fifteen contestants will take part in the second round of the competition. In order to take part in the additional auditions, the candidate shall pay an extra charge of 100 euros. The amount is to be paid by the candidate at the Organizer’s bank account see point IV of the present regulations.

2nd ROUND (Elimination Round) shall take place on the 27th October 2016.
- Based on the evaluation of the candidates’ performances during the second round (30 minutes per candidate), three finalists are to be selected by the jury.

REPERTOIREElimination Round
Dworzak Serenade for string orchestra
Czajkowski Serenade for string orchestra
Karłowicz Serenade for string orchestra
Elgar Serenade for string orchestra
Josef Suk Serenade for string orchestra

3rd ROUND (Final)
- The successful candidate (winner) will be chosen based on the evaluation of the performances given by each of the finalists. The results shall be announced in the presence of the candidates, after the meeting of the jury, after the first part of the gala concert and also made public on website.

IV. The Final Round shall take place on the 28th October 2016 and 29th October and has three parts:

Part 1. A 30 minutes rehearsal of a concerto with soloist. The rehearsal shall proceed with one of the movements from the concerto decided by the jury.

Part 2. A 40 minutes rehearsal of a symphony poem, chosen by the jury at the beginning of the round out of the list hereunder.

Part 3. The same part of symphony poem that the finalist will conduct at the gala concert on the 29th of October 2016.


Part I
Mercadante flute concerto
Bielecki Kolory Lata
C.P.E. Bach – Concerto for flute, strings and continuo in D minor

Part II and III
M. Karłowicz  Eternal Song

V. Candidates shall perform by alphabetical order of the surnames mentioned on the identification document. In case of coincidence, the same criteria shall apply to the candidates’ first names.

VI. VI. After the Final Round, the winner shall be determined by the sum of the votes from the three members of the jury and the vote made by the orchestra. In case of a tie, the decision of the president of the jury shall prevail.

General conditions

I. All rounds of the competition are open to the public and can be recorded, filmed and broadcasted by radio, television on on-line platforms of the entities involved in the organization, without any monetary compensation to the candidates.

II. All candidates can be present in all rounds.

III. All contestants will conduct the Orchestra Beethoven Academy. During the additional auditions the candidates conduct two pianists.

IV. The jury of the competition shall decide on any situation not covered by the present document.

The Awards

Besides conducting the Final Concert of the Competition, one of the finalist shall be awarded:

- the President of Jury Prize which grants an invitation to conduct the Gala concert on 29th October 2016
- the Orchestra Beethoven Academy Prize which grants an invitation to conduct Orchestra Beethoven Academy during the season 2015/2016.

Contact details:

Agencja Artystyczna Kameny

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