Competition regulations

  1. The present competition rules specify the terms and conditions of the Karłowicz International Composers Competition.
  2. The Competition Organizer: Kameny Artistic Agency (Agencja Artystyczna Kameny).
  3. The competition may be entered by artists who are under the age of 35 until 31st December 2014.
  4. The entered compositions shall not have been previously published in any way, publicly performed nor awarded in any other composers competition.
  5. The scores shall bear the symbol and annotation „The Karłowicz International Composers Competition” and shall be sent till 31st October 2014 to the address below:
    Agencja Artystyczna Kameny
    Ul Ehrenberga 31
    31-309 Kraków
  6. Inside the envelope marked with the symbol where the competition composition is, there shall also be another sealed envelope (marked with the symbol) including a brief note on the composer, description of the composition together with the performing indications, electronic format photograph (a CD) to be published on the organizer’s website, home address, correspondence address, e-mail address and telephone number.
  7. Competition results: 15th November 2014.
  8. The notes, scopes and CDs will not be returned.
  9. The award ceremony including the premiere performance of the winning compositions will take place on the 5th December 2014 during the Gala Concert.
  10. Music works inspired by the specified competition compositions (of any musical form and cast) are subject of the competition. Performance time shall be up to 30 minutes. The contestants are required to deliver a computer stimulation of their works on an Audio-CD (or a live recording/ studio amateur recording). A contestant can present only one piece of musical composition. The scopes shall bear the symbol and annotation „The Karłowicz International Composers Competition” as well as the title and the composer of the musical work which the contestant was inspired by.
  11. Three prize winners will be selected. The Jury may, at its own discretion and according to the competition level, award the first, second and third prizes or award the first prize in the competition only (first prize – 10 000 zlotys, second prize – 7 000 zlotys, third prize – 5 000 zlotys). The Jury’s decisions are final and cannot be appealed.
  12. The contestants shall certify that the composition submitted to the composition are their owns. The contestant shall also authorize the organizer to use the submitted composition free of charge , for unlimited time, territory and number of reproductions in the following areas of usage: websites and
  13. By participating, the contestants agree to the Organizer’s processing their personal data for the purposes of organization of the competition, and in accordance with the conditions specified in the Persona Data Protection Act of 29th August 1997 (Journal of Laws 2001, No 101, item 928 as amended).
  14. The organizer of the competition reserves the right to publicize information regarding the competition results, as well as the names of awarded participants.
  15. By submitting the entry to the competition, the contestants accept the terms and conditions of the present document.
The list of competition compositions:

(The organizer does not provide scores and recordings)


Grzegorz Fitelberg

W głębi morza op 26

Rapsodia Polska op 25

Pieśń o Sokole op 18


Feliks Nowowiejski

Pożegnanie Elenai op 17

Beatrycze op 17

Król Wichrów Uwertura


Henryk Wieniawski

I koncert skrzypcowy fis moll

II koncert skrzypcowy dmoll


Antoni Stolpe

Uwertura a moll


Władysław Żeleński

Uwertura w Tatrach

Mieczysław Karłowicz

Anna i Stanisław Oświecimowie op 12

Epizod na maskaradzie op 14

Rapsodia Litewska op


Karol Szymanowski

I koncert skrzypcowy op 35

II koncert skrzypcowy op 61

Etiuda b moll


Emil Młynarski

I Koncert skrzypcowy d moll op 11

II koncert skrzypcowy d dur op 16


Henryk Melcer Szczawiński

I koncert fortepianowy e moll

II koncert fortepianowy c moll



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